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What is it?

Action Profiling is a method for determining strengths in decision-making style based on movement behavior. Originally developed by Warren Lamb over 50 years ago, he determined that movement characteristics are related to motivation toward certain types of actions, and those actions are related to aspects of the decision-making process. There are three phases to any decision making process:

........Attention: Gathering of information

........Intention: Weighing or evaluating information

........Decision: How one proceeds in following through on a decision made

People can engage in any phase of the decision making process in an assertive or perceptive way. Our propensity to act in any one of these six factors is determined by the strength of our own personal motivational factors in relation to the factors of the other participant(s) in the decision-making process with us.

For couples who make decisions constantly in day-to-day living with one another, our motivational strengths may complement or compete with those of our partners. This can promote powerful bonding or contribute to miscommunication. Increasing one's awareness of these factors and their impact on decision making and relational style can enhance our ability to honor the unique skills of each individual in a pair. Though primarily designed for couples, it can be useful with any two people such as colleagues at work or parent and child.

How does it work?

Action Profiling for Couples is designed as a package requiring about three hours of face-to-face time. There is an hour and a half videotaped interview. Then there is a follow-up session of similar length wherein the profile is explained and couples are encouraged to ask questions and look at possible implications of the profile in enhancing their relationship. It may serve as helpful information as it stands, or it may serve as a jumping off tool for further counseling.

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