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Children are our future and family is the seat of influence
to nurture our children.

I see children of all ages. My many years in community mental health has offered me a broad spectrum of experience in the mental health concerns of children and their families. Children do not grow up in a vacuum, so my philosophy in treating children always includes the family in some measure to be determined by the child, the parents and myself.

Issues I deal with include but are not limited to:

depression, anxiety, learning problems including attention deficit disorder, trauma recovery, eating disorders, grief and loss and attachment issues.

Other issues may be a result of circumstances outside the child such as divorce, blending families or adoption. These issues may cause tremendous stress on the family and may impact more than one family member.


Another area where help may be needed is in co-parenting children of divorce. When parents cannot agree about how to share the duties and responsibilities of child rearing, this can cause tremendous stress for a child potentially resulting in larger problems for the family as time goes on. Seeking help for this either pre- or post-divorce can be extraordinarily helpful in prevention of more serious problems in the future.

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