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This page is designed to provide you with useful links to other sites that might be helpful to you. There is no guarantee that these sites are current and active however to the best of my knowledge they are. Please let me know through contact if you find that they are no longer active. This will help me to keep as current as possible.

General site with lots of links to all issues on mental health:


Sites in relation to specific issues:

www.chadd.org (support organization for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

www.adders.org (support organization for adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

www.nationaleatingdisorders.org (information on eating disorders)

www.somethingfishy.org (eating disorders and compulsive eating)

www.depressioncenter.net (depression)

www.attachmentexperts.com (attachment disorder)

www.divorcesource.com (all issues pertaining to divorce including treatment)

www.kidsource.com (issues pertaining to children and parenting)

www.cdipage.com (issues pertaining to child development)

www.mentalhealth.com (issues pertaining to adolescence)

www.passionatemarriage.com (Snarch's approach to couples work)

www.gottman.com (Gottman's (Uof W) site on couples research and treatment)