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Who Am I?

I would like to introduce myself in a bit more depth. My involvement in the helping professions began when I was in high school but my official training as a therapist began when I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Utah in Recreational Therapy in 1973. There I received specific recognition for work with dance as a creative modality with handicapped childrena and adults.

My graduate work took me to New York City where I persued my graduate training in dance/movement therapy at Hunter College one of only three colleges in the country teaching dance as a clinical discipline. My clinical internship took me to Washington, D.C. and St. Elizabeths Hospital, a nationally recognized teaching and research institution associated with NIMH(National Institutes of Mental Health). I have worked continuously in the field and studied a number of different approaches in addition to dance/movement therapy.

You might be wondering,"do I have to dance for her?" The answer is no. However, my training in movement and dance continues to inform my work and provide me with a depth of understanding about how people express themselves both verbally and non-verbally.

In addition it has given me a greater understanding of the true meaning of "creativity" and "authenticity." Everyone may not be an "artist" in the traditional sense, but all of us can be artful in the design and manner in which we live our lives.

I Have also added to my clinical repertoire a number of verbal approaches as well as play therapy techniques including sandtray therapy. I have studies in depth the work of D.W. Winnicott, the world renown child analyst. His work forms the basis of my understanding of child development and the experience of bonding. All of this work has enriched and colored both my experience of working with children and adults in the process of healing old wounds or manifesting themselves in more satisfying ways.

What Can I Expect?

To this end there are three tenets upon which a successful working contract is built:

  • Therapy is client driven. The client must be active in setting goals and objectives for treatment and be an active participant
  • Therapeutic success is predicated on the idea that the therapist and client ar collaberative in their work together and open to sharing what works and does not work along the way.
  • My job is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which you can share as much of yourself as is necessary to solve the problems you wish to address and to bring all of my experience and e3xpertise to bear in assisting you to achieve success.

As your therapist I will be active in soliciting your thoughts and feelings regarding the issue at hand. I will make suggestions and give direct feedback when asked. I am straightforward and concrete in my approach to the work, and I believe that clients will show me all I need to know to be helpful, and I draw from our experience together as the primary data for understanding and creating change. Expressive tools (movemnt, games, and play) are useful for all of us,young and old, but for young children they are the primary meaqns of communication and I use them as is indicated for the treatment process, and as clients express a willingness or curiosity to engage in them.

As a therapist, I continue to feel honored when people share their stories with me in whatever form. It is my sincere wish thaty I might share in the pride you feel from successfully meeting your goals for deeper understanding and positive change.

For specific informantion regarding my professional qualifications click here.